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Our maths curriculum will provide a solid foundation for children to begin to understanding the world around them.

Curriculum Intent

Mathematics is a creative and cross-curricular subject, essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering. Maths is necessary for financial literacy and all forms of employment.  Our maths curriculum will provide a solid foundation for children to begin to understanding the world around them. It will provide them with an opportunity to reason and apply mathematical skills learned to support in living a fulfilled life.

At Lea Hall Academy School, our children often arrive with large gaps in their education due to having been unable to access the curriculum because of their specific difficulties. Periods of time out of school and a myriad of additional needs lead to poor mathematical understanding and gaps in knowledge and understanding.  These gaps often lead to significant difficulties when accessing age appropriate mathematics. Lea Hall Academy is dedicated to finding and filling these gaps through robust assessment and programmes of study. These are linked to researched successful teaching strategies so that these gaps are filled in order for the children to become more confident mathematicians.

Programme of study

Lea Hall Academy school is dedicated to ensuring our children become, confident and independent individuals.  We believe that a secure knowledge of maths alongside a full curriculum entitlement will provide a solid foundation in order to achieve this. Our children will be able to grow into secure mathematicians with skills which support them in order to manage money, plan budgets and manage their time.   In a world where technology is increasingly important, we will instil confidence and resilience that the children can use mathematical technology competently by themselves to lead successful, rewarding and fulfilled lives.

Our curriculum will be responsive to individual need, our intent is to settle children who’s learning to date has been disrupted by providing quality first, well planned, differentiated teaching and learning. We intend for our children to make rapid progress.  Children will experience a curriculum which is engaging, sequenced and precise in order.  The children will work with a wide range of high-quality practical resources and adults will scaffold their learning. Children will become collaborative and resourceful learners, they will learn skills which can be transferred to their home life and eventually, their communities.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning will be well sequenced and planned following White Rose Hub resources to ensure the children are building on previous knowledge. Teaching will be planned to develop links between each mathematical area to aid practical understanding.  A2E data will be used systematically to help understand individual children’s areas of difficulty.  The use of a wide range of concrete, pictorial and abstract resources, which the children will be exposed to, will support in building confidence to achieve their targets.  Children will develop mathematical fluency which will build confidence in reasoning and develop a greater depth of understanding.

Our children will receive consistent positive reinforcement and develop self-esteem in this subject which will help them in other subjects.  Becoming more resilient, trying harder having a ‘can-do’ is a strong feature of our maths teaching.  Maths is the perfect subject area to support children in learning from their mistakes. Our children will learn to understand that it is only by making mistakes that we learn.  An impactful maths curriculum will support a belief that engaging positively with teachers and education gives people of any age and ability opportunities for a successful life. Ultimately, we intend, through all areas of our curriculum, to develop children who are accepted by their communities and are able to make a positive contribution to the society they live in.