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Autumn Newsletter

Boxing at the Pat Benson Boxing Academy

Some of our KS3 children have had an exciting opportunity to be a part of a boxing programme over a 12-week period. They have been attending the Pat Benson Boxing Academy in Birmingham and have been taught a variety of skills by the head coach of the gym. In this programme, the children were taken through their strides with a wide range of exercises provided by the boxing coach. In the 12th and final week, the students were assessed on the skills they had acquired, and they all passed their assessment and were given a preliminary boxing award.

Lea Hall Academy will continue to work in partnership with Pat Benson Boxing Academy with continuous projects ongoing.

Christmas Club performance of ‘The Gingerbread who stole Christmas’

On Tuesday 13th December, children from Class 1 and 4 performed their amazing Christmas Club performance of ‘The Gingerbread who stole Christmas’ – a play which they had scripted themselves alongside Stacy from Big Brum Theatre Group! The boys performed with confidence and enthusiasm and all of us at Lea Hall and Big Brum are incredibly proud of them! Moving forward for this, we will continue to work closely with Big Brum and provide the boys who gained so much from these sessions with more opportunities next term!’ 


We are really pleased to be able to offer our pupils the opportunity to take part in a judo programme, in collaboration with British Judo.  Judo, which translates as “The Gentle Way”, supports students to develop valuable interpersonal skills while teaching and practicing fairness, self-discipline, and respect; skills that can be transferred into personal life. 

Our excellent Sensei, Wayne McDonald, has been providing sessions to students. The sessions are very engaging and have helped the pupils to use a safe space to exert their energy in a controlled safe environment. Wayne is amazing with the pupils and has clear expectations and rules followed by students. 

For more information, visit: Successful programme at Lea Hall Academy – British Judo

Children in Need

The school marked Children in Need with a non-uniform day. Money was raised for the charity with cake sale. We raised a massive £65. Meg, who organised the event, would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed.

Along the Silk Road by Big Brum Theatre in Education

The children in Upper School and KS3 took part in a theatre workshop with Big Brum who performed their play ‘Along the Silk Road’ which encouraged the pupils to examine the relationship between self and other, identity and difference, and how we define what it is to be human. They explored how cultures embody different values and ways of seeing the world.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Vicky, Paula and the children organised a fabulous coffee morning in support of Macmillan Cancer Support and to promote World Mental Health Day.  They served some delicious cakes and drinks to their visitors and made a fantastic £84.30.  They would like to say a big thank you to the staff, children and visitors for coming along and donating to this worthy cause.